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Emmrich, Facial Diagnostics

Peter Emmrich

Facial Diagnostics

An Introduction to the
Biochemic Healing Method
of Dr. Schuessler

Softcover 14,8 × 21 cm, 76 pages

Mineral salts are vital. If their balance in the body is disrupted it causes a sick organism. This becomes visual – even before physical symptoms show – often in the human face.

In this presentation you will learn the knowhow of facial diagnostics together with the practical administration of the biochemic remedies according to Dr. Schuessler.

This healing method, which has been practised for over 130 years, has a regulating effect which gently intervenes in the cell metabolism, controls the biochemic conditions in the organism and therefore brings about healing.

This form of therapy, based on 12 Mineral salts, is easy to comprehend, easy to learn and additionally inexpensive.

To recognise changes to the organism in the face is a proven traditional way of diagnosis. By means of the enclosed coloured illustrations the necessary biochemic mineral salt can quickly be detected. A repertory makes the action easier.

This method provides the expert on the biochemic healing method according to Dr. Schuessler with an added assistant in providing true healthcare.

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